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You’ve Recorded a DREAM for us!

“We can’t thank you enough Sushil! You’ve recorded a dream for us! Covered both Venues just as we expected them to be! The wedding we did in Georgia and then an Indian style here that you shot! Our hearts are full! Thank you is a small word to you and your team. All our friends in Georgia & Katar are also enjoyed watching the wedding pics and can’t get over them!”

~ Tushar

Just Enjoy The WEDDING and RITUALS

“When we started searching for a wedding photographer online, we had no idea what to expect. But when we got in touch with you and the comfort level we shared was very assuring! Your advice to “just enjoy the wedding and rituals and leave the rest to us” created magic in the photographs! Both of us want to thank you and your entire team for not just taking such lovely pictures of the two of us but also some candid shots of our relatives and friends! Many thanks Sunil!”

~ Arvind

Beautiful MOMENTS So NICELY Captured

“Our friends recommended us your name. We don’t know whether to thank them or thank you! Superb! When wedding was happening, we were clueless! But now when we see the photographs and videos, we see all the beautiful moments so nicely captured by you. Some of the casual shots are just so brilliant! Thanks to the team also, so polite, patient and TALENTED!”

~ Nikhil

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So Dazzling, We Can’t IMAGINE it’s us!

“Sushil covered my sister’s wedding and were my first choice for own wedding! We had no doubt that I will get to see good pictures but what Sushil shot was just amazing. Some pictures…as if have life! So dazzling, we can’t imagine it’s us! Sushil give me gift on wedding day this is amazing. Thanks for saving the most beautiful moments of our life like this. So excited so thankful! Please do the same justice to our pictures always in future also!”

~ Kriti

Right Backgrounds, Right Moments!

“Sushil is my brother’s friend, and like a family member for us. So choosing him to take the picture was somewhat given. But Sushil (Dada), you were just too good! Where were you hiding? And managed to capture just terrific shots! So real, so bright! You truly know how to capture the essence of wedding. Right backgrounds, right moments! Thank you, again and again”

~ Mansi

Dreamy Start to a Long Journey Ahead.

“I happened to see Sushil’s work on social media and liked it. So I called and we struck a rapport and thus hired him to be our pre- wedding photographer. Thanks for each shot Sushil, each tip to make the pictures look even better, and the brilliant work of camera and your own sensibilities. Thanks from both of us. Dreamy start to a long journey ahead.”

~ Deepak


“Let me start out by saying that I received fourteen voicemails on my honeymoon to let us know how amazing our sneak peek was. It is a true testament to how creative and inventive Yogi Photo Art work really is. I can say without a doubt that if you decide to go with Yogi Photo Art you will not be let down. You will be absolutely blown away!”

…Incredible. So unique AND SO ‘US.'”

“When we got our engagement pictures done, EVERYONE was obsessed with them and there was a “buzz” going around about how amazing they were. They were incredible… So unique, and so “us”. People told me that they couldn’t believe how well they captured love, and that was such an accurate way to describe what Yogi Photo Art does. And not only was the end result good, but the process was awesome as well! We felt nervous because we hadn’t done photo shoots before, but they made us feel totally comfortable.”

“I COULD RELAX, knowing we were IN GREAT HANDS.”

“When the wedding day came around I really felt that I could relax, knowing we were in great hands and no shots would be overlooked. They have the most creative eye and capture the most amazing moments and my wife and I couldn’t be happier with our pictures. Our pictures turned out so much better than we could have ever expected! Yogi Photo Art is the bee’s knees!”


“This was truly the one thing I didn’t have to worry about on our wedding day because I knew our pictures were going to be great.”

“GIVES YOU TOTAL CONFIDENCE and peace of mind…”

“Their spirit and energy is contagious, and knowing that they are doing their absolute best to capture everything gives you total confidence and peace of mind about the quality and amazingness of the pictures.”

“THEY FIT IN… as if we’d known them FOR YEARS.”

“They fit right in with our wedding party as if we had known them for years and made everyone feel comfortable. Our sneak peek photo took my breath away and truly captured ‘us.’ When we were able to view all of our photos we were blown away.”


“I had been dreaming of their team being at my wedding since I first saw their work years ago! I cannot say how incredibly amazing they were in all aspects and how comfortable they made my husband and I feel on our wedding day. I truly felt like they captured every moment perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for more!”

“The best decision we made… WAS BOOKING
Yogi Photo Art”

“The best decision we made for our wedding was booking Yogi Photo Art. One of the most important things about my wedding were my wedding pictures, and they went above and beyond and delivered the best pictures I’ve ever seen. I cried for both my engagement and wedding pictures, and it takes a lot for me to cry over pictures! You truly brought my childhood dream to life; I couldn’t have asked for anything better!”