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So Dazzling, We Can’t IMAGINE it’s us!

“Sushil covered my sister’s wedding and were my first choice for own wedding! We had no doubt that I will get to see good pictures but what Sushil shot was just amazing. Some pictures…as if have life! So dazzling, we can’t imagine it’s us! Sushil give me gift on wedding day this is amazing. Thanks for saving the most beautiful moments of our life like this. So excited so thankful! Please do the same justice to our pictures always in future also!”

~ Kriti

Right Backgrounds, Right Moments!

“Sushil is my brother’s friend, and like a family member for us. So choosing him to take the picture was somewhat given. But Sushil (Dada), you were just too good! Where were you hiding? And managed to capture just terrific shots! So real, so bright! You truly know how to capture the essence of wedding. Right backgrounds, right moments! Thank you, again and again”

~ Mansi

Dreamy Start to a Long Journey Ahead.

“I happened to see Sushil’s work on social media and liked it. So I called and we struck a rapport and thus hired him to be our pre- wedding photographer. Thanks for each shot Sushil, each tip to make the pictures look even better, and the brilliant work of camera and your own sensibilities. Thanks from both of us. Dreamy start to a long journey ahead.”

~ Deepak

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