Why Wedding Albums Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Wedding photography is an age old fashion, so are the wedding albums. Just like wedding photographs the albums are also an ever green! But their demand is slightly down and it is disheartening to see it.  People who support albums are sure that its demand will soon be restored. They feel that the wedding albums of our grandfather and of our own may look quite different, but the charm of holding and seeing a wedding album will never be any different!

Digital wedding photography is relatively new, introduced a few years ago but people have been really fast on the uptake of this new exciting concept and journey. Digital wedding photography has been a great hit from the day people first saw an album shot by a professional wedding photographer. What started small is now it’s in full grown industry. Engagement shoots, pre-wedding party shoots, destination wedding shoots, special couple shoots, you name it and people have already done it!

Wedding photography is no doubt at its peak and will grow in the years to come. But there is one thing. In spite of all the advancement of technology and uploading of digital wedding albums on Google drive, the charm of a proper printed wedding album which we can all sit and see together holds a special attraction.  There’s no match for a printed album.

There’s no denying that well captured wedding photographs create a memory of lifetime. But equally true is the fact that when we sit and see the wedding album with our family members, friends or elders, we relive the moments in a very different way. We talk, we remember the moments, we all laugh… wedding albums thus create an atmosphere that only a wedding album can. The feeling of turning pages of wedding album is simply incredible! Seeing wedding album is also an experience that we can savor forever.

One should never think of doing away with print albums. There are many advantages of having a print album. Our grandparents who are not smart phone savvy or don’t know how to fit a pen drive into laptop and TV, may not be able to see wedding pictures until and unless we show it to them. But a wedding album they can see for hours and stay engaged. Anybody can see it anytime, anywhere without any special equipment like mobile, laptop, TV, tablet etc.

Everyone likes wedding albums with printed photos and they will never go out of fashion. Types of albums may change. They may look and feel better but they will be there!

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