Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become a big rage for all the right reasons and benefits they offer. For one, they end up being a lot more intimate with limited guests and two, for the couple when wedding ceremony ends it is a natural progression into honeymoon phase.

If you are planning a destination wedding lots goes into it.

The first thing is scouting for the location.  While you choose location, be practical. Make sure all the resources are available needed to accommodate and look after guests. You also have to ensure that you speak and understand the local language of the destination or at least have hired a wedding planner or local coordinator who does.

As soon as location is finalized you have to freeze on guest list. Intimate the guests in advance, so that they can start planning. Please book rooms before setting date for wedding or informing guests.

You should visit the location once and meet all the vendors like hotel where you will put up, decorators, florists, etc. it is better to take your own photographer to cover the wedding. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a local photographer because someone who does not know the background will not be able to catch the essence of wedding, no matter how expensive his lenses are or from which school he has studied and specialized in wedding photography.

You should also not spend too much on décor and try to use the natural backdrop as décor.  It will get you lovely pictures. If you try and arrange a typical setting for wedding, then the half the charm of getting married in another destination goes for a toss! The newness should reflect in every picture. The different backdrop, the openness should all come through.

You should also find out the weather of the destination and the likely changes in temperature because accordingly you will have to get a wedding dress for yourself. This is an important part of planning a destination wedding because if your wedding dress and guests attires go wrong vis-à-vis weather, it will ruin the fun!

Destination weddings can be a great fund and memorable experience for the couple as well as guests provided everything is organized well, and planned in advance.  Right from where will you put up guests, their transport to reach the venue if both locations are different, to what you will wear & allowing time to your wedding photographer to get acquainted and look and set things up! A great destination wedding within budget that guests will remember for a long time is definitely achievable and possible!

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