Pre-wedding Destinations near Nagpur

Pre-wedding shoots have become very popular these days and every couple no matter whether they are having a traditional family wedding or a gala function, they don’t want to miss out on pre-wedding shoots. The reason it is so sought after is that it gives `just the two of us’ time to the couple. They get to spend some time in a lovely location all by themselves with photographer and his team for company. They are in the best phase of their life and this session strengthens their bond further.  A good pre-wedding shoot photographer puts the couple at ease so that they don’t become conscious during the shoot and he can take candid natural shots.

This post is targeted at people looking for Pre-wedding Shoot locations in and around Nagpur. Before listing down the locations we tried to find out if special permission was required from local government authorities to shoot here and the answer was, “not yet”.

This notwithstanding, I think when we shoot at a particular location we should not litter it, disturb or harm the surroundings even slightly for the sake of few good shots.  If we make this an unwritten rule, the locations will serve us for years to come and with time if allowed to flourish, may become even more beautiful.

The list of pre-wedding shoot locations around Nagpur are Ambazari Garden, Seminary Hills, Gorewada Lake; Khindsi­­ Ambala, Kunwara Bhimsen, Kapoor Bawli in Ramtek, Ghogra Mahadev  in Parshivni, Ramtek; Bamboo Garden & Chikaldhara in Amravati Division. In Chikaldhara, a marvelous sky-walk is under construction which is one location we’ll all go and shoot in!

Once Pre-wedding shoot location is finalized, next you have to decide timings (depending on season), it is better to scout the location accompanied by photographer a few times to get into the groove, decide backdrops, session durations, time interval (on different days or same day), one will also have to create scope for change of clothes for the couple, back-up plan if required.

On the part of photographer, he’ll have to decide number of people who’ll accompany her/him to the shoot.  No. of days required, the kind of logistics he’ll need to carry, tripod, lenses et al.

Once everything in place, you can be sure that pre-wedding shoots will be smooth and successful and give you some shots and moments that you will savor for the rest of your life!

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